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What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

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First of all, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy has nothing to do with what happens in stage shows. This is where volunteers have apparently been put into a “deep trance” and apparently have “lost control of” their minds. They are somehow “made” to do weird and wacky things to make a spectacle of themselves. All under the apparent ‘mind control’ of a hypnotist.

However, this has nothing to do with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It’s to do with the volunteers knowing exactly what they were letting themselves in for. These people know exactly what they are doing. They may enjoy ‘making an exhibition of themselves’. They are just going along with it in order to put on a good show. That’s Entertainment!

Hypnosis for hypnotherapy purposes is most definitely not what you see in this image. There are no swinging watches or swirly circles on the wall, (not in my practice anyway). And it is nothing like the things that happen during a stage show.

Hypnosis for therapy

There is no such thing as “mind control” with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. No-one goes ‘under‘ anything. It’s also not “magic”. Hypnosis is a completely natural type of relaxation, or altered state of consciousness, that anyone can experience during the day.

For example: how often have you been driving along for several miles (usually on a familiar route) and suddenly realise that you have little idea of how you got to where you found yourself? Well, you will have been driving in a waking hypnotic state, on auto-pilot if you will. This is known as ‘highway hypnosis’ in the USA That’s how common it is – it has a name! Fortunately, your subconscious is always alert to any possible danger during this time and will jolt you back out of this ‘highway hypnosis’ in an instant if necessary.

Similarly, how often are you so absorbed in reading a book or watching a film that you don’t realise that someone is talking to you? This is another example of waking hypnosis or a slightly altered state of awareness. Finally, there are those times at bedtime and waking up when you are halfway between sleep and being awake. You know that you are not fully awake nor completely asleep. This is also a form of hypnosis.

Professional hypnosis and hypnotherapy, psychotherapy & cognitive therapy in east sussex & kentHypnotherapy

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have been in use for many years and is all about relaxation. You will not be asleep, or in a trance-like coma, or out of control, or unaware of what is happening at any time. Another very common misconception is that you ‘go under’….., which most people interpret as ‘losing control of’ their mind to someone else – it just doesn’t happen! You can easily talk within the hypnotic state and you can remember everything that you say or that is said to you. You will usually feel as if you could get up and leave the consulting room at any time, and this is exactly how it should be.

The state of hypnosis is best described as “A state of relaxation and concentration at one with a state of heightened awareness induced by suggestion”. There is also no such thing as a ‘hypnotised feeling’ – everyone’s experience is unique to them.

I offer two types of therapy using hypnosis: Suggestion Therapy (sometimes called clinical hypnosis) and Hypnoanalysis. The choice of therapy depends on the individual, their history, their problems or symptoms, and their general personality.

During a no obligation, free 30 minute initial consultation I will explain the therapies I offer.I will answer any questions you may have, before deciding which is the most appropriate therapy for your situation. It may well be the case that you are better suited to having help which does not involve hypnosis at all. We usually make a decision together during the initial consultation.


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