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The following are real testimonials and success stories from real people – just like you! 

Note – some emails are edited in places to remove personalised content.

Kevin’s experience of ‘PICT’ at 1066 Therapy

Note: the “issues” Kevin mentions in the second half of the video are everyday issues, such as work problems etc, and not on-going emotional/psychological issues.

Wendy’s experience of ‘PICT’ at 1066 Therapy

Note: When Wendy says she has lost 2 stone easily, she means that she has achieved this without consciously following a calorie-controlled diet of any kind: she has done this naturally, alongside an exercise regime which she enjoys.

Lucy’s experience

Please note that I saw Lucy in 2011 while I was still a member of The Thrive Programme® licencing programme.
I opted out of the licensing agreement in February 2015.
I still offer Cognitive Therapy to my clients.

Lucy: Various problems helped.

Cat’s experience of Cognitive Therapy

Please note that I saw Cat in 2012 while I was still a member of The Thrive Programme® licencing programme.
I opted out of the licensing agreement in February 2015. I still offer Cognitive Therapy to my clients.

Before I met Beaula I was a shell of a person, I couldn’t look after my son and I had no social life, my depression was getting the better of me. Now after finishing the Thrive book and my sessions with Beaula I feel like a new person, I’m able to look after my son again and I’m going out and meeting new people. I will always be grateful for what the book taught me and how it helped me to help myself. Also for all the support and encouraging Beaula gave me along the way.  I will never forget this experience and I can honestly say it has changed my life in the best possible way. Thank you Thrive and thank you Beaula.

Cat: Various problems helped.

After going through a tough time last year and struggling with feeling anxious, confidence and being in social situations, I took the first step and contact Beaula. Being some what scpetical but wanting to improve the way in which I live my life, I can honestly say it has been a life changing experience for me.
The ‘Thrive’ programme is one of the most inspirational and challenging books I have read. Beaula has been a siginificant person in my life and there are not enough words to explain how much she has aided me in rediscovering the person that I am. I would recommend anyone to contact Beaula if you are feeling in any way that you are not achieving all that you wish in life.
Many Thanks

Chantelle: Anxiety/Confidence issues helped.

Please note that I saw Chantelle while I was still a member of The Thrive Programme® licencing programme: I stopped my subscription in February 2015.

I went to see Beaula having see her website, further prompted by reading some of the testimonials provided by her previous clients. I am now happy to say that I am now one of those delighted people writing her another testimonial. For many years I have known that I had underlying confidence issues in many areas of my life. I have read many books over the years but they only ever eased my inner fears for a week or two. Having undertaken several weeks of pure hypnotherapy under Beaula’s expert guidance I can honestly say that I feel like a completely different person in every single way.
The experience was not how I had envisaged it to be, thinking that I would be in a trance and not know what I was saying (too much TV !). The process was much more of a relaxed yet concious event that I found quite amazing. ……….. it turned out to be exactly as she had described the process to be, a collection of interconnected thoughts meshed together in no apparent logical order, yet by the end of the process [my bolding] the whole thing made total sense and I understood why they had come up and what the relevance of them was. I now understand why I have always held powerful and emotional feelings towards certain things, people or events. I no longer feel the same way about these things and I can (and do) walk down the street with my head held high, looking people in the eye with a smile on my face, feeling like I do belong beside the best of them.
I was the biggest negative cynic I have know for the last three decades and if  you feel negative towards life or cynical in general please remember this, what ever it is that has caused you to be the way you are has already come and gone. It can only haunt you if you let it. Take the brave step to choose differently and free yourself and start living life with a massive smile.

Thank you Beaula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kind regards,

Jeff: Social Anxiety/Confidence issues.

Beaula changed my life. I had a problem with food for years. I was sick or didn’t eat… I was fat or skinny, very unhappy. I visited many therapist before, i tried homeopathy and kinesiology all was waste of time.
I didn’t believe any one can help me.
She took me thrue the Thrive program which i found effective soon. Her understanding, support, personality and respect which i had from her was fantastic! I remember and reminding myself things which she teached and said to me every day and i know i never will be where i am now without her.
Thank you.

Lenka: Eating problems helped

Please note that I saw Lenka while I was still a member of The Thrive Programme® licencing programme: I stopped my subscription in February 2015.

After reading testimonials on the 1066  website i decided to go for my free consultation to see if i could get help with losing weight and imsonia. When i had my meeting with Beaula she seemed very confident that she could help me change my eating and sleeping habits. I had 6 hypnoanalasis sessions and also done the changing limiting believe programme which has made me think differently about everything and made everyday life easier to deal with. One of the things that has changed is no more scales, no calorie counting, enjoying all foods, everything in moderatation and lots of excercise; i am now getting on trousers that i haven’t worn for a very long time. Before seeing Beaula i was not sleeping very well and not sleeping upstairs, that has all changed; i now go upstairs and get a good night sleep. A trip to the dentist used to be very stressfull and scary; i recently had an appointment for a check up to be told i needed a filling; this would normaly be one of my worst nightmares but things have changed now. My dentist was running half an hour late for my appointment so i had to sit in the waiting room listening to the drill noise; thinking about it differently kept me calm and i was not anxious at all, even the dentist commented on how calm i was.
My son has been on medication for his behaviour since he was 8 years old; now he is nearly 14 we have both seen Beaula, he is off his medication. As i now know that he needs to learn how he is feeling and how he should deal with everday life; now things have changed for me, means i can help him with this. Thinking about things differently means that i am not worrying about what other people are thinking or saying, which did have a big impact on everyday life before. Life is good.

Lynne: Weight Control & Anxiety issues resolved with
& Changing Limiting Beliefs.

Dear Beaula
I just want to thank you for helping me through the Thrive programme. I cannot express enough how much it has changed my life and outlook.When I came to see you I was at an all time low with depression,anxiety and low self esteem to name but a few symptoms.After working through the programme with you and a lot of hard work on my part the change is wonderful,I feel positive and well,am doing things I did not think I could,for example speaking in public and have reduced my medication.I would and have recommended this programme to anyone and everyone!
regards Susan

Susan: Depression and anxiety-related problems helped.

Please note that I saw Susan while I was still a member of The Thrive Programme® licencing programme: I stopped my subscription in February 2015.

Dear Beaula
I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me! I feel like an entirely different person. No more ‘self loathing’, I’m not unpleasant to ‘me’ anymore. I’ve lost almost 2 stone and last September I started a foundation degree. I’ve just had my first set of results and I got a distinction, I couldn’t believe my eyes!………If it hadn’t been for your professional help & the generosity you showed me I dare say I’d still be pretty low.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Very  best wishes

Linda: Weight Control & other problems helped.

For about the past 18 months now I have had a lot of issues with how much I went to the gym vs how much I was eating. I felt as though if I ate something which I called ‘bad’ (Cakes, Chocolate, McDonalds etc. . . ) then that would affect my level of fitness. So I then started to watch what I was eating (and I mean everything, even down to drinks!!!). I also started to lose weight and my clothes didn’t fit anymore which made me really really unhappy as well as the people around me. I did not know where to turn and I felt as though I was stuck in a vicious circle. So I then (with the help of a family member) browsed the internet for a Psychologist in my local area. We came across Beaula and a phone call was made, I got very good and welcoming vibes on the phone straight away so I proceeded with a free consultation.
Within the first 10 minutes I felt at ease and I knew that she could help me. She was asking me questions that she already knew the answers to and she’d only just met me!!! She knew what my underlying issue was within 45 minutes of meeting her but as she said, it was up to me to find out. She said on my initial consultation that there would be good days and some not so good days and she was right, everything (whether it be positive or negative) I approached her with during our consultations didn’t surprise her at all as she was expecting it. It’s like as though she knew me better than I knew myself!!!
She has a very welcoming and calming demeanour but at the same time she puts out the facts and re words everything until you understand her train of thought.
I have had 6/7 sessions with Beaula and I feel so much better now. I know that it will take a lot of time to get back to ‘how I was’ before, but I know that I can contact Beaula at any time if I feel as though I’m struggling with anything, whether that be via e-mail, phone or a visit.
Thank you Beaula, couldn’t have done it without you.
Best Regards

Ryan: Eating Problems.

I had been suffering with my issue vaginismus for a long time. I was anxious and embarrassed about talking to someone about it but after the first meeting with Beaula I felt at ease and confident she could help me. We worked through the book together over 6 weeks and she made sure I understood each chapter and helped me if I was having difficulty. My issue had developed into other fears such as child birth, this was really holding me back from living the life I wanted. Well now I feel like a different person and I’m actually excited about having children in the future! I would thoroughly recommend going to see Beaula, I’m so much happier, calmer and less stressed! Learning the skills to manage your thinking properly is so empowering. It has had a huge impact on my life for the better. Thank you Beaula for all your help.

Emma: Vaginismus.

I consulted Beaula as I was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to a very abusive and difficult childhood. I was very wary with regards to the therapy and it took me a while to gain confidence. As time went on I started to believe that in actual fact, what I was experiencing, was very real and painful, as the memories I had buried re-surfaced. As the therapeutic process continued…I was noticing some considerable changes in myself and the social phobia I have suffered all my life seemed to slowly start to heal.  Beaula both encouraged me and gave me the strength to carry on and face the traumas I had experienced in my childhood by having faith in me… and the Hypnotherapy process!
Thank you sooo much you have put me on the path to recovery.

Clare: Social Phobia & PTSD relating to childhood trauma.

My whole life is significantly better because of this book & programme. I’ve bought the book for three different people & I know it’s the best gift anyone has ever given them. I am a much happier person, less stressed & have much better relationships with people who I wouldn’t necessarily have gelled with. Beaula is a very patient person & I can’t thank her enough for helping me to learn the tools to become a much happier individual. Thank you –

Steve: Weight Control & Stress.

I consulted Beaula primarily for social anxiety, low self-esteem and occasional bouts of depression, having spent countless years going through counselling, cbt and various other therapies to no avail. Initially I was quite sceptical about the process, it was very different from the other therapies I had experienced and I found it quite difficult not to intellectualise or distort the thoughts and experiences that came into my mind so that they would somehow make more sense to me. Because of my resistance in letting things go and simply verbalising my freely associated thoughts, I think it is fair to say that I was quite a challenging client. This did not deter Beaula, however, who seemed to know instinctively just what to do or say to help me get through the therapy, session by session.
Since successfully completing the therapy I can honestly say I haven’t looked back. All those memories and experiences that I was holding onto from the past, which I accredited as being the reason behind all of the problems in my life, are now of no significance whatsoever. I no longer spend my days hindered by social anxiety, constantly second guessing myself and worrying over every little thing! I would highly recommend the therapy to anyone who is considering it and I would highly recommend Beaula as a therapist. Beaula’s extensive knowledge, good sense of humour and non-judgemental approach made a world of difference and I am truly grateful for all of her help.
Thank you Beaula!
Kind regards,

Emma: Social Anxiety & Depression.

I originally went to Beaula to assist me in losing weight.  I had been hypnotised once before to exclude certain sweet, fatty foods from my diet, which did work but only for 6 x months.  When I spoke to Beaula on the phone to arrange my free consultation I learnt that Beaula doesn’t supply the sort of treatment I had before.  I did find her on the web, and did my research to find out what would be involved.
When I arrived for my free consultation, within minutes Beaula could tell me what I sort of already knew, in that my relationship with food was the problem, not the food itself.  She also told me that I was a sufferer of social anxiety,  I was so used to dealing with my nerves, and was very good at putting on a brave act that I didn’t give it much thought, but it was a relief to give my anxiety an official label, instead of constantly thinking I was stupid and chastising myself and forcing myself to just get on with it.
To cut a long story short, I was able to deal with the things that affected me layer by layer, …… what a relief once each layer was dealt with………. Beaula looked after me every single step of the way, she … gave me comfort and re-assurance.  This wonderful lady had been through this therapy herself, so she had immense empathy with her clients.  My last session was a couple of months ago, I needed to wait this long so I could give an honest referral.  For the first couple of weeks I was up and down, again, Beaula explained that I would be and the reasons why. I now feel light as a feather, I have a stressful business life, and I have had big issues to deal with recently, but I have coped in a very happy and calm way.  My heart doesn’t give me palpitations anymore.  Even my body temperature is on an even kiln, I must admit, I was sceptical when Beaula told me:

  • My hands and feet wouldn’t get so cold anymore, but she was right
  • I sleep better and I am beginning to feel I have more energy
  • I don’t feel anxious when I go to business meetings
  • I now know I am as good and worthy as everyone else
  • I have just joined the local gym and go to Zumba (a happy dance class) and another exercise class each week
  • I don’t pig out on chocolate and cakes, (although I love to eat out with my husband and family and do have the occasional treat at weekends)
  • I know my weight will drop, but it isn’t an issue, it will happen in time.

Thank you Beaula, I love my life!
Linda S

Linda S: Weight Loss & Anxiety.

Having completed a course of therapy with Beaula Page of 1066 Hypnotherapy to help me with my decision to lose weight and make a lifestyle change by starting to take care of myself with regular exercise, I am delighted with the progress I have made. I have lost almost 4 stone in 5 months and feel empowered to continue to reach my goal. The treatment has enabled me to take control of all aspects of the way I live my life. I have been able to set targets and achieve them, giving me more confidence and self-belief.
My previous attempts to lose weight have failed because I did not deal with the the issues that lead to my over eating. With Beaula’s guidance I have been able to understand the reasons why I found this so difficult in the past. Thank you once again for your expertise
Best wishes

David: Weight Control – Changing Limiting Beliefs

I completed my Challenging Limiting Belief training recently and wanted to thank Beaula for all her support and guidance. I suffered very low self esteem and other anxieties which caused IBS, headaches and tiredness to name a few. I had suffered for a long time and had tried various alternative therapies and CBT and medication but none of them really worked in the long term. CLB however, made me really look at my personality and how I work on a day to day basis which I had never really understood before and this is the basis on making any real changes. I now have a much higher self – esteem and am enjoying social activities and enjoying life to the full. I know that if I challenge my thoughts and beliefs on a daily basis my IBS and headaches etc will disappear as I can make this happen. I would definately recommend seeing Beaula if you want to get sorted out once and for all!
Many many thanks,

[Note: Kate also suffered from Emetophobia too but forgot about it when putting together her feedback, such was her progress!]

Kate: Various problems helped with
Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme

Hi Beaula,
I am feeling great, I have more energy, my mind is so much clearer, my self motivation has increased greatly and I no longer have that feeling of dread in my stomach, in fact, when a situation arises now which would usually be accompanied by that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach, I find myself waiting for it to happen but it doesn’t appear. I’m still getting used to  that! …….I’m sorry to say that I did have doubts I would ever feel fantastic but you were so right 🙂  I am really looking forward to helping others get through their therapy as I now know exactly what awaits them at the end, complete liberation!Thank you for all your help to get me to where I needed to be 🙂  This therapy really is great….

Tracey: helped with Hypnoanalysis

Hi Beaula,
Here is my testimonial. First of all, thank you for all your help and guidance in getting me where I am now. The knowledge I now have has had a massive impact on my life and the way I live it. I am extremely grateful. Sorry it has taken a while, too busy making the most of life!!
I originally went to see Beaula to help with social anxiety as it was holding me back from living a full life. Beaula recommended the Changing Limited Beliefs programme, which I was happy to  commit to. Having completed the course I feel a totally different person. I now feel in control of my life and can cope with anything that comes along. I  feel relaxed in social situations and imagine up coming events with excitement rather than dread. I thought it was normal to feel  scared and paralysed with fear and now realise how much it was effecting my life, to my detriment.
This programme is so unique because it enables you to understand why we behave the way we do. So many therapies just say this is how you should think, but do not back this up with why, so you never really understand why it helps and then you slip back into old thinking patterns.I am now also aware of how our thoughts can affect our health and well being. I feel so much better health wise from thinking in a different way.
I have tried various therapies, (CBT and Reverse Therapy), but these do not get to the nub of the problem like this programme. Beaula is great at explaining everything and is very intuitive. I recommended seeing her if you really want to take control of your life and live life to the full.
Best Wishes, Louise

Louise: Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme

I visited Beaula regarding weight loss. I was anxious at first going to Beaula but she instantly put me at ease. The sessions were really helpful. I feel so much better about life, myself and so motivated now. Thank you Beaula for listening and helping me learn to love me again.
N of Eastbourne.

N: Weight Control – Changing Limiting Beliefs

…….. I seem to cope with so much. I’ve done fog/motorways/tunnels and lifts believe it or not! the thought of flying excites me now and am desperate to visit my parents in Spain. What you do at 1066 Beaula is an extraordinary and wonderful thing. Scepticism is something we all feel from time to time and I certainly felt that way while searching for some help and even at the beginning of my Pure Hypnoanalysis. Treatment over, and I want to shout from the rooftops. It really has worked and I still cant believe it. Not only that but I feel confident again. Beaula, If any of your potential clients have doubts about this treatment, please give them my telephone number and I will happily make sure that they know you can turn they lives around.
Thank you again
Best wishes

Mike: Claustrophobia & Low Confidence

What can I say – very impressive therapy!
It was obviously my lucky day when I came across Beaula’s website. I had never heard of “Pure” Hypnoanalysis, however, the more I read the more I felt a glimmer of hope that it may actually be able to help with the anxiety, panic attacks and erythrophobia from which I had been suffering for over 20 years.
I wondered what on earth was wrong with me and was convinced it was all my fault. Beaula patiently explained that my social phobia (as it turned out to be), was due to powerful emotions that I had been unable to handle as a small child – something that I couldn’t even remember let alone begin to resolve.
By gradually releasing bottled-up emotions over the sessions (tears that seem to endlessly come from nowhere!!!) I finally got to the root of the problem….
It is still early days, however, for the first time in a very long time I feel optimistic and the persistent ache/knot in my stomach has completely gone. I have yet to realise the full impact of this therapy, but already feel as though I have been given my life back.
It is hard to explain to someone who does not suffer from this kind of phobia, how all invasive it is and how completely life changing this is going to be. The fact that Beaula has been through this process herself and could truly empathize was extremely significant for me and enabled me to successfully complete the therapy.
I finally feel free – thank you Beaula.

Jane: Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Fear of Blushing

I would highly recommend Beaula to anyone. I went to Beaula as I was battling with my weight. She is sympathetic and understanding and helped me to get on the right track to losing weight. I have lost a stone and I am still losing I feel great and I understand myself so much better.
Thank you so much Beaula.

Rebecca: Weight Loss

What can I say after the Rob Kelly system to sort out my anger problems. It took a bit of time to get through the sessions because of Christmas and work issues but we got there in the end and what a difference it has made to both my personal and business life. I can recommend it to anyone who has these sort of problems – you think more rationally, have a good self esteem and you really enjoy life again – its even sorted out my colitis!!! My Wife, staff and even the customers can’t believe the difference. They think my ‘head doctor’ has performed a miracle. Thanks again for sorting me out.
With Kind Regards

4 weeks later, another email….

Hi Beaula
Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve stopped taking the drugs prescribed by the consultant for the colitis and I’ve been great ever since – nearly 4 weeks now and have also not lost my temper at all. Feeling really good in myself. Thanks for sorting me out.
Kind regards

Chris: Anger problems ~ Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme

I first learnt of Pure hypnotherapy from my mom who is studying  it. i didn’t really know what to expect and to be honest the main reason i chose Beaula was cause of the location (out in the country) [but] i was very pleased to learn that i had made the right choice.  i have been suffering from lack of emotion as far back as i can remember.
Its been a couple of months since my therapy and life is good i no longer feel emotionally dead inside and have found a wonderful new dimension to life. Thank you Beaula you are wonderful person and words could never do justice to what you helped me do.

Steve: Emotional problems helped with Hypnoanalysis

I have been suffering from emetophobia for 20+ year, although I have only recently found out from an article in a magazine it has a name and other people suffered from it. I always thought I was the only person who suffered my ‘turns’ and was too embarrassed to get help from anyone about it. I thought it would mean I was not normal. I realised my ‘turns’, which now I know were panic attacks, were increasing and I was avoiding doing more and more things. It was also affecting my relationship. I was determined the only way to deal with this was to pluck up the courage to seek help. I found your website and reading all the symptoms for emetophobia I realised this was me. Even that was a relief, knowing it was in fact quite common.
From the first phone call I made, you made me feel at ease. You have helped me to be comfortable enough to open up and experience emotions I have bottle up for such a long time. Through our sessions we discovered that I was also suffering from Social Anxiety.
Now completing the course I do feel a great weight has been lifted from me. My confidence is growing and I feel so positive there is life after emetophobia. Only this weekend I was away with a couple of girls. One of them was running to the toilet to be sick while we were eating our lunch; before I would have been heading in the other direction, but I didn’t, I remained quite calm, I was so proud of myself and I could not have done this without you Beaula. You are a lovely person and I will always be so grateful to you.
Thank you so much.


Sue: Fear of sick/Emetophobia & Social Anxiety

After a long period of living life in a permanent state of stress, frustration and even anger i have found a new way to deal with life through Beaula and the Rob Kelly technique. I started with hypnotherapy…… [and then]….i needed  to retrain my brain into a better way of thinking. After all, 34 years of behaving one way is not going to dissolve over night.
At times throughout the process i felt i would never get there, acheive this invisible something that was supposed to make things better, but slowly things began to change, sometimes without trying. My fear of spiders was one of those. In the past i would freeze and work myself into an irrational frenzy if i saw one. During the process, i came across spiders and was able to let them run under the sofa and not care where they went. I could even catch them in a pot and put them outside! I now walk along side them in my house and while i still don’t like them, the fear is gone – what a relief! Then there’s the dentist, doctors, losing weight and not thinking about food unless i’m actually hungry……having just finished my treatment i have already booked myself in for laser eye treatment, something i have wanted to do for ages and i am not nervous or paranoid, in fact i am excited at the outcome, being able to see again – i can’t wait to have the treatment. (None of these issues were actually discussed in detail, they are just a great result – a side-effect of the work i have done while focusing on my relationships and my own feelings and responses to things – amazing!)
My marriage was in trouble, my kids were unhappy, and so was i. I now take responsibility for my actions, i get perspective on things and i am able to keep negative thoughts and feelings of stress at bay. I have stopped blaming all and sundry for the way i feel as i now know only i can control my own feelings and thoughts. It is a hard fact to swallow when you alone have been contributing and perpetuating your own unhappiness. I had of course heard it all before, “you are so negative, you have limiting beliefs, you are so defensive….” and they were right but i wasn’t able to take it on board with the state of mind i had. Beaula has helped me realise where i have been letting myself down and why and how to take control of my life in every area. That is the best thing about the course, you go in for one thing and it potentially fixes everything. I am still me, just a better me. I still make mistakes, have rows and shout at the kids but i can recognise, resolve and deal with things more effectively and am improving daily. I am altogether a calmer, more rational, happy person to be around and i feel so positive about the future. In fact my behaviour is so reformed that my husband is beginning a course of therapy too!
Thank you for sticking with me Beaula. I think everyone should do this course and experience a better way of living. Jo

Jo: Various problems helped with a combination of approaches

I have benefited a geat deal from the sessions i have had, they allowed me to manage my thinking in a way I never thought was possible. The basis of it is so simple – turn your negative thought into a positive – it works! It takes effort, but the results are worthwhile. I still have to manage my thinking as i can slip back into bad habits but I am far more confident than I ever was and I feel I can achieve anything now. It is very powerful knowing you can manage your thinking, at the end of the day it is only you that can make yourself happy.
I am very greatful and feel i have turned a corner now.
Thank you. Lisa

[Note: As with Kate above, Lisa also suffered with other problems, IBS and OCD, but again forgot about these when putting together her feedback, such was her progress too!]

Lisa: Various problems helped with the
Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme

Hi Beaula
Its been several months since my last session and what can I say, I still feel great! …. Thank you so much for everything.
Warmest regards


Its been several months since my last session with Beaula and I know she won’t mind me saying its taken me this long to get around to writing this testimonial because I have been busy living my life. I had been suffering from Panic Attacks that had gotten worse over a difficult twelve month period. Part of me was skeptical that Pure Hypnoanalysis would work and part of me if I’m honest was hoping Beaula could wave a magic wand and ‘fix me’.
What she did was get to the core emotions that were causing the anxiety and leaving me unable to cope with stressful situations that I was overblowing into panic attacks.
I’ve not had any panic attacks since; despite being in situations that would of previously sent me running for cover; neither do I suffer from the overwhelming social anxiety which I hadn’t even realised was holding me back; it was that ingrained into my life.
Beaula was recommended to me and I have no hesitation in passing on that recommendation to you.

Sarah: Panic Attacks & Social Anxiety helped with Hypnoanalysis

Before I went to see Beaula, I found that I was an anxious person, sometimes snappy and sometimes jealous. I also had some more specific problems that seemed unexplainable. All of this led me to be unable to cope with most things and I became quite unhappy. I knew this wasn’t me. It turns out that these things are caused by situations that had occurred in my past. I had bottled up my emotions about them, and it had started to massively effect me.
I am so happy to say that Beaula has made things much clearer for me now. All of those negative feelings I had before, and the inability to cope in certain areas has changed and pretty much disappeared. This has made me a much more positive person, and inevitably changed my life for myself and the people close to me. I am a better person, boyfriend and parent….

Beaula is very understanding and open minded…...I would recommend Beaula to anyone, whatever problem or issue is holding them back.
I was so impressed with the treatment, that I also took my son to see Beaula. He had some aggression issues that seemed to be getting worse. A different type of treatment was used, especially for children. He was taught techniques to use, which he still uses now. It is obvious now, that he is more content in himself and is also better, socially.


Nick: (Social) Anxiety & confidence issues helped with Hypnoanalysis

I thoroughly recommend Beaula. She is sympathetic, focussed and firm in reaching shared objectives. At times when I was wavering and might  have given up she knew just what to say and do. When the going gets tough she goes the extra mile and and this made all the difference to me in acheiving a positive outcome. Now I feel great, understand myself so much better, and her methods and solid determination have unlocked a bright new future.”
Thank you Beaula,
Kind Regards

Neil: Problems showing emotion resolved with Hypnoanalysis

I had been struggling with my problem [IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome] for probably the best part of 34 years in secret apart from the support of my husband. I had consulted only one person about my problem when I was 16 years of age (I’m now 50) this person being my doctor who simply told me “There is nothing wrong with you – you are causing the problem” she sent me on my way and told me not to be so silly!  Over the 34 years I’ve told myself “I’m just nervous” “I’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with me” “I’ve caught a bug” but deep down knew I was the cause of the problem.
So I suppose I learnt to live with it.
I held a very responsible and high powered job so it was easy for me to put it down to stress and working too hard and too many hours. When I left my job to take life a bit easier and to get a work life balance my problem worsened to the point that I found it difficult going anywhere without my problem rearing “it’s” ugly head (of course there is no “it” I was the “it”).
I would absolutely dread and I mean dread going out to social occasions, I would think about the event over and over again sometimes amounting to 100’s of times during a day and sure enough the social event would be an awful time making me dread the next event even more.
I was totally and utterly embarrassed about my problem probably due to pride – I had been the head of a team of 32 staff, coped with losing my dad at the age of 11, my mum at the age of 37 and nearly losing my husband to ill health in 2002 and felt I dealt with difficulties well so I certainly wasn’t going to make my problem known.  I cannot believe I hid my problem so well that even my best friend wasn’t aware of the turmoil I was in.
The turning point for me was realising that I was planning my full early retirement, something I had worked towards from the age of 18!  Here I was frightened of going anywhere – I was going to have all this time on my hands but go nowhere – become a virtual recluse.
So I reached for the internet in search I think at first of hypnosis probably because I wanted someone to put me “to sleep” and I would awaken cured!  I then came across Beula.  I fully researched everything I could about her, looking on connecting sites and listened to her video – it was then that I thought “she’s the one for me!”
The most frightening thing for me was picking up the phone to make my appointment for the free consultation (bear in mind that I have delivered workshops/training/seminars to a room full of 100’s and here I was shaking!)  She was matter of fact, asked me my problem there and then which surprised me and made the appointment.  In hindsight I’m glad she knew the reason for my visit before I met her face to face – the initial embarrassment which I expected on our first meeting just wasn’t there.
After our consultation she suggested Changing Limiting Beliefs.  I felt a bit disappointed because I thought she would hypnotise me and I would “awaken” cured!  However I decided to give it a go and keep an open mind.   How glad I am I did – it challenged me in many ways, it was like a complete overhaul of how I thought and how I reacted to circumstances.
I completed my sessions with Beula in September and can honestly say that I am “cured” – I can now go out when I want to where I want without thinking about my problem.  I don’t plan I just go with the flow!  My life has changed immensely and I cannot thank Beula enough for her patience but most of all her understanding without judging.
If you’re reading this and struggling to get a grip of any problem you may have I urge you to pick up the phone and call Beaula.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Thank you Beaula xx Julie

Julie: IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome helped with the
Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme

Using the Rob Kelly technique, within three weeks I had changed my thinking and my well-being noticeably improved. When I first came to Beaula for help I had found coping with stress, worry and disappointment pretty intolerable. At that time I felt extremely depressed and lost in life. I have now literally walked away from those suicidal feelings and become someone who enjoys the company of others, can plan properly for the future and I feel comfortable in my own skin.  I could never have achieved this without Beaula’s help and fully recommend this form of therapy.
Thanks Beaula!

Helen: Stress & Depression helped with a combination of approaches

Hi Beaula
I am very very sorry it has taken me so long to e-mail you, but I needed time to see how I felt and how it was going with me. Life is still so good I am feeling great, I am still loosing (a stone gone already) ok slowly but surely but still going thanks to you, even my phobia for creepy crawlies is no where as bad, I cope much better if I encounter something, I can even remove it myself. I am off to Tobago in November to have a holiday with my Brother & Sister in law, I could never have done that with out your help, so a very BIG Thank you. When I first came to you I did not think anybody or anything could help me, but I was so so wrong, you have changed my life. THANK YOU Beaula

Linda (a different one!): Weight Loss & Anxiety
helped with Hypnoanalysis

I have suffered from facial blushing and the fear of blushing for as long as i can remember. It had come to the point where i was miserable and it was affecting me and my confidence on a daily basis. Since going to see Beaula i have felt so much better about myself, my blushing has been eliminated by 80% and even on those occasions where i do blush, i dont beat myself up, i forget about it and move on. It has been 6 months since my last session and i feel stronger and happier every day. Beaula is a lovely person who made me feel really comfortable and at ease when talking to her, going to see her was one of the best decisions i have ever made.

Claire: Fear of Blushing/Erythrophobia helped with Hypnoanalysis

……Sleeping really well and feeling strong………. All I know is that I have a feeling of peace inside me and a lightness that I have never felt before. It’s been a long time coming !!!!! Thank you for all your expertise, support and help…….. I wouldn’t have been able to move on from “where I had been stuck emotionally for over 40 years” without your support and guidance. I wish more people would be as courageous as I and seek professional help for problems. Oh, and my eczema has cleared up too. So that’s an added bonus !! thanks Beaula.

Jean: Insomnia & Anxiety (and eczema) helped with Hypnoanalysis

Before I started the Changing Limiting Beliefs course I was feeling extremely low, with no self-esteem. Although it sounds too good to be true, I can honestly say that within three weeks of starting the book, and seeing Beaula, I felt like a different, much much happier person. The book made complete sense, and that, combined with Beaula’s support and gentle influence, has made me see that I am in control of my life, and it doesn’t just have to pass me by.
Thank you!

[Note: Exactly like Kate above, Susie came to me primarily suffering from Emetophobia but forgot about it when emailing me her feedback – this shows her significant progress]

Susie: Emetophobia & Low Self-Esteem helped with the
Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme

Thanks for all your patience and understanding you have given me the tools and courage to deal with my weight problem and my general wellbeing………..life continues to improve.  I have lost the weight that I put on on holiday and am now almost a stone lighter than before I met you, fantastic.


Christine: Weight Loss

“When I first came to see Beaula, I had really negative thinking and because of that was causing myself so many problems in all areas of my life. I initially approached Beaula in the hope that she could help me with hypnotherapy but she suggested the Changing Limited Beliefs course instead and I’m so glad she did! Through the course and with Beaula’s help I have indentified my negative thinking and realised how it was affecting me, learnt effective techniques to manage and change my thinking and am now a much happier person. I have more confidence and self-esteem as well as more belief in my ability to control and determine the course of my life. I know that bad events and feelings are time-bound and finite and can experience them without allowing myself to be consumed by obsessing about them or making myself depressed over them.
Since I completed the course I have improved immeasurably and after being single for three years even had the confidence and self-belief to ask out a guy I’d liked for ages – beforehand I just assumed he wouldn’t be interested – we have now been seeing each other for two months and are still just as happy as we were at the the beginning!
I have been applying for jobs and despite having no success so far I am secure in the knowledge that I CAN AND WILL SUCCEED, with patience and determination. I’ve also recently taken up roller blading and begun learning playing the flute, spend more time socialising, made new friends and can now recognise these as achievements – Beaula taught me that it’s OK for me to be proud and I cannot thank her enough for her help.”
Thank you so much!
Lizzie x

Lizzie: Confidence problems helped
with Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme

Following years of suffering from the severe unfounded jealousy and mis-trust of my beautiful, blameless wife, I was at my wit’s end and felt that if I couldn’t get help somewhere, our 17 year old relationship would have to end. I couldn’t go on feeling as I did from the time I awoke every morning until last thing at night. My doubts and fears consumed me, who was that texting my wife? where was she during the day? and most commonly, what was she up to if she (very rarely) went out with her friends? I was even creating scenarios that didn’t exist, it was not fair to either of us, let alone our two children, to carry on. I cannot emphasise enough the Hell that I was putting myself, and by that token, my wife, through.
Fortunately, I discovered Beaula. I finally plucked up the courage to ring 1066 Hypnotherapy, what did I have to lose? I honestly believed that I was in the Last Chance Saloon, clutching at straws-so hey, why not give it a go as deep down, I knew my marriage was worth saving. At the end of the day, I still loved my wife.
I was very sceptical at first, after all, there was no ticking metronome or swinging pocket watch to send me to sleep, no “Look into my eyes, look into my eyes”, in fact, it was all rather relaxing. Following my initial consultation, my regular appointments began and over the following weeks I revealed things about myself to Beaula that no one else on this earth knows, those pent up frustrations and emotions, those things about yourself that your not too happy with or proud about together with those things that make you feel good about yourself. It was a complete roller coaster of emotions but not long into the course of sessions, I began to understand myself a whole lot better. Beaula made me realise that these feelings of doubt and jealousy were just my own insecurities manifesting themselves and looking for someone else to blame for them, once that had been laid bare, my self-esteem began to rocket skywards and I began to return to being the confident, happy and fairly carefree guy of my youth, the guy my wife fell in love with. At this point I think I should point out that I am not a weak or feeble guy in appearance or attitude, I work in Construction, hold a Black Belt in The Martial Arts, ride motorcycles, have more than my fair share of body art and party hard (when awake!). People like me have our issues like a lot of other people, and as the therapy progressed, I began to realise just how many other people, even within my own group of friends.
Now at the end of my course of therapy, I have emerged a far stronger and stable character emotionally, a far happier individual ready to get on with the rest of my life, lovingly shared with my family. I turned out to be a tough cookie to crack, something that I somehow knew would be the case due to the overpowering strength of my negativity, but somehow Beaula managed to cut through the veneer and expose me for exactly what I was, a pretty normal guy allbeit with zero self-esteem and mammoth insecurities. I am happy with where I’m at now, the negative feelings have been reduced to a minute, realistic, manageable, level as opposed to running my life day in, day out. Believe me, it’s a huge weight off the shoulders.
I will always be indebted to Beaula, she has saved me from making the biggest error of my life and given me a completely new outlook and enthusiasm for the future, a future shared with my relieved wife and family – what price do you put on that?

‘A’: Jealousy/Insecurity/Social Anxiety helped.

More success stories……

We contacted Beaula Page in July 2010 after reading her website. Our 16 year old son was suffering from Emetophobia, which was destroying his life. He had also developed severe OCD tendancies which were completely ruling his daily way of life.
The emetophobia caused him to believe that everything he did, touched, smelt or ate would make him vomit. Consequently, this caused his body mass to drop to 16 and his weight became 42k. He was hospitalised and we were desperate to find him some help.
He first visited Beaula in the summer and began a programme of self help. He had incredibly low self esteem and found attending the sessions very hard. Every week brought new challenges and although sometimes this was incredibly difficult for him to cope with, she encouraged him to stay positive and focused.
Now, in November, the difference is truely amazing. He has embarked on a completely different take on life. He no longer has OCD rituals which rule his life and he is eating! His weight has raised to 53k and he is now having driving lessons and he has successfully returned to college and has recently secured a part time job.
We are so pleased with his successes. We can’t praise Beaula’s professionalism enough. We would recommend her to anybody who needs some help to enjoy life.

Email from parents of a teenager with a fear of being sick (emetophobia) and OCD, helped with Changing Limiting Beliefs.

Hi Beaula

A big thank you for all the help you have given me over the last few months. To be perfectly honest when I first came to hypnotherapy i wasn’t one hundred percent convinced it could help with my insomnia or social anxiety. However if someone had offered me the results i got from the therapy at beginning of my treatment i would have grabbed it with both hands…. So again a very BIG thank you to Beaula, for being so kind, patient and helpful.
Kindest regards

Stewart: Insomnia & Social Anxiety helped with Hypnoanalysis.

Hi Beaula,
…….I feel very relaxed and nothing bothers me at all, extremely chilled and taking everything in my stride!…….
Best Wishes

Zoe: Social Anxiety.

I went to see Beaula for help with issues that were disturbing my life, for instance traffic noise. Beaula suggested my unacceptance of noise was a symptom of something else going on in my life (Oh Yeah!)… However I went along for several sessions, after the first I could tell it was going to improve my life in no small way, I began to think differently and therefore react in a different way to obstacles that came my way. To cut a long story short I for one would never have dreamed that through hypnoanalysis I would feel so relaxed, happy and ‘at one’ with me, days go by and I realise that they have been happy, contented days which makes me smile inwardly and outwardly. Thankyou Beaula for sharing your knowledge with me.

Sally: Anxiety-related Issues helped with Hypnoanalysis

Dear Beaula
I am doing rather well and have been using the ‘Dream’ technique but not as much as I thought I would. Because something really positive came out of our sessions. Through listening to you, I realised how skewered my way of thinking had always been and the reason I use the technique only from time to time is simply because I do not have so many negative thoughts and feelings about myself anymore. My outlook is so much more positive and I have thrown myself into different things without batting an eyelid. I have increased my working hours by adding a teaching job to my… [current]… job and I have renewed an interest of mine by planning a charity trek for next year, trek I will be fundraising and training for in 2010. I think about our conversations often. You have really inspired me and I try hard to stamp out any negative feelings about myself or my ability as soon as they enter my head……… Thank you again for everything Beaula.
Kind regards

Marie: Changing Limiting Beliefs programme.

Dear Beaula,

Just to update you on james! great news he leaves school today thursday, and has not missed a day since his visits to you! and is on track to get some good gcse results, was getting into school for 8 am and staying on after school for catch ups, So thank you for your help with james…

James 16 : A fear of being sick/emetophobia leading to school anxiety issues and missed days, helped with a single Blowaway session plus a session on Changing Limiting Beliefs.

……….. I was so impressed with the treatment, that I also took my son to see Beaula. He had some aggression issues that seemed to be getting worse. A different type of treatment was used, especially for children. He was taught techniques to use, which he still uses now. It is obvious now, that he is more content in himself and is also better, socially.

Extract from feedback received from parent (see above). 13 year old boy with anger & anxiety issues helped with a single Blowaway session plus some basic anger management techniques.

Dear Beaula
Just a short note (I’ll try not to rabbit on) to let you know that I’m feeling great!!! I was on a school theatre trip yesterday to Brighton on a coach when a girl 2 rows behind me was sick all over the place. Well, I heard it, smelled it, made sure I didn’t see it & concentrated very hard on my knitting & looking out of the window. So far so good, until the poor lad behind me started saying he felt sick as well, so I gave him a plastic bag & began talking to him through the seat-gap to take his mind off things. Actually, that helped me as well.
Eventually the mess was cleared up & we went on our way to the theatre. I said to myself: “Well, that was rather unpleasant, but not too awful, I’m over it, I’ll move on & enjoy the rest of the day” which is what I did, after a quick squirt of rescue remedy (old habits die hard!!!). As we were delayed in getting to the theatre, there wasn’t time for a wee before the show started, but it wasn’t until I went to the loo in the interval that I realised that I hadn’t had any urges to ‘evacuate’ after the event, so I patted myself on the back again!!!
Anyhow, I’ve had my first test & couldn’t have coped so well without all your help, so once again THANK YOU!!!!!
Take care

Sharon: Fear of Others Being Sick/Emetophobia
helped with Hypnoanalysis.

I came in wanting a fag but by the end of the session I wasn’t even thinking about it. I haven’t smoked for three months now and I feel great. Also my customers are no longer turning up their noses at the stale smell of fags on me and my clothes so business has improved too – a real win win situation!

Tony: self-employed Fine Food Salesman, Stop Smoking Easily session.

I dont know if you remember me or not but I came to you with a problem of having home sickness and I really wanted to go to pony camp for six days. I promised you that I would let you know how I got on and I am sorry that I have taken so long in letting you know. Well what do you think? I did it!!! yep I did it!!! I stayed the whole five nights and I was fine. I wanted to say thanks so much. Mum has said she will recommend you to everyone. I think you have already had one person. I will come back when things get tough with exams. Thanks again. Just to let you know Piggy and I are still doing good at the shows. One day I will be at Badmington thats when I will need you agin. thanks alot.

Harriet: A fear of staying away from home helped with a Children’s Blowaway session.

You recommended Beaula Page. I had one session with her and was very impressed overall, both with her professionalism and the results. I would certainly recommend her to others.

‘R.R.’: City Trader, Suggestion Therapy for Nail Biting.


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