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Problems with food, weight control, comfort eating, over-eating, binge eating helped with psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, hypnosis & hypnotherapy in Battle, Hastings, Bexhill, Rye, Heathfield, Eastbourne, East Sussex & Kent, UKI have successfully helped a variety of clients with comfort eating problems at my practice just outside of Battle, East Sussex.

Most people who consult me with eating problems think that they have a problem with certain foods (e.g. chocolate, biscuits, pies, cakes, burgers, crisps, fizzy drinks etc). They may also believe that they are ‘greedy’, or ‘have no willpower’.

Common thought patterns

These are common thought patterns:

  • ‘I just need to stop eating chocolate/cake/chips/biscuits/pies, then I’ll be fine’
  • ‘If I could properly stick to a diet, I’d be fine’
  • ‘I’d be fine if I could just stop eating such large portions’
  • ‘If only I had more willpower, I’d be fine’

The multi-billion pound dieting industry have largely created and encouraged these ways of thinking.

Yo-Yo dieting

Many have managed to slim to their ideal weight in the past, often on more than one occasion. However, it’s only been a matter of time before they start eating too much again and ‘piled the pounds back on again’ (yo-yo dieting). So, why does this happen?

Most people can lose weight by eating less and/or being more active but something more is needed for long-term changes. Diets don’t work – not permanently anyway – which is why there are so many different diets and slimming clubs. There are very few weight-loss (diet) organisations which are really interested in helping someone to resolve their eating problems anyway. They would lose the repeat business if they did that. That’s two reasons why the weight-loss diet industry is a £billion concern and still growing.

Please click here if you want to read more about weight loss and dieting on another page, but remember to come back to this one 🙂

A healthy weight but still have food issues

I am also consulted by people who are a healthy weight for their height and build and yet they still struggle with being preoccupied about food, exercise and managing their weight. They may comfort/over eat and/or occasionally binge, and then undertake vigorous exercise programmes in order to keep their weight under control. In some cases they may purge or vomit after binging – click here for more info. However, the crux of the matter is that, just like those who weigh more than they would like, their lives are still more or less dominated by their eating problem.

Compulsions to eat more than we need

Whichever pattern you have, if we want to sort out our weight / food intake problems properly, we need to look at what is causing our problems. Food in and of itself is NOT the problem – it’s just a maths problem. 🙂 The compulsion to eat more than we need for our energy ‘output’ will be coming from other underlying problems. These need resolving if we want to make permanent changes.

Wendy’s experience of ‘PICT’ at 1066 Therapy

Note: When Wendy says she has lost 2 stone easily, she means that she has achieved this without consciously following a calorie-controlled diet of any kind.
She has done this naturally, alongside an exercise regime which she enjoys.

The way I see it is this – helping people to stop comfort eating and lose weight when they have been down this road before, is really only ‘half the battle’, probably less than that in fact. I help people to resolve the real causes of why they feel compelled to eat more than they need. We work through whatever those causes are. This brings permanent resolution to their comfort eating problem. Unfortunately, there is no ‘magic wand’, or ‘quick fix’ for doing this. 

More on compulsions

The compulsions can be quite powerful and can, for example,

  • make us feel ‘out of control’ with our eating
  • have us believing that we have no willpower when on diets, and generally
  • create guilty and shameful feelings when we can’t stick to a diet
  • make it more difficult to maintain the diet/lifestyle changes once we have achieved our ideal weight, and so on.

Often these compulsions are subconscious (i.e. operating outside of conscious awareness) which makes it more difficult in many ways. However, it is possible to resolve even subconscious compulsions using appropriate therapy. The causes of the compulsions are generally underlying, unresolved feelings from negative past experiences. These are usually from early life and often long-forgotten by the time we develop comfort eating problems.

So, when someone genuinely wants to achieve an effective and lasting solution to their eating problems, I help them resolve whatever is making them need to ‘comfort’ themselves with food. After all, it’s not called “comfort eating” or “emotional eating” for nothing. There is emotional discomfort present for us to be comfort eating or binging.

Feelings of discomfort = a need to comfort eat/over-eat/binge, it’s as simple as that.

I will say that most people who come to see me with an eating problem are often unaware of having any underlying compulsions, discomfort, or unresolved feelings initially. They gain more awareness of this as we work through things together.

Problems with food, weight control, comfort eating, over-eating, binge eating helped with psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, hypnosis & hypnotherapy in Battle, Hastings, Bexhill, Rye, Heathfield, Eastbourne, East Sussex & Kent, UKHow can I help?

I offer different approaches for this (and every problem). The choice of which one (or more) to take depends on the individual and their circumstances. We usually make the decision together during the initial consultation.

Please browse my site for information on the various therapies / approaches that I practise.

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