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Therapy Help covering East Sussex, Battle, Hastings, Bexhill, Rye, Heathfield, Hailsham, Eastbourne, Brighton, Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Ashford and Kent.

Psychotherapy: Lifespan Integration, PICT, EMDR. Hypnotherapy. Cognitive Therapy.

Hello, my name is Beaula Page and I run 1066 Therapy 1066 therapy, psychotherapy, emdr, cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy, battle, east sussex, kent(formerly known as 1066 Hypnotherapy). 1066 Therapy is a private therapy clinic, which is conveniently situated just outside of Battle in East Sussex. It is along the A2100, one mile from Battle mainline rail station (regular taxi services) and is on a bus route. More about me…..

So, why the change of name? I changed the name to reflect my on-going commitment to continuous professional development. As a result, I am able to offer a wider range of approaches. I am therefore able to help people more effectively with their problems.

The practice is easily reached from most of the South East area and covers East Sussex, Battle, Hastings, Bexhill, Rye, Heathfield, Hailsham, Eastbourne, Brighton, Crowborough. The clinic is also convenient for most of Kent including Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Ashford. I also offer Skype sessions in some circumstances.

The practice is set down a private track in peaceful, secluded surroundings thus ensuring complete privacy for all clients. There is ample, private, off-road parking. We are a little difficult to find so please click here for directions.


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Firstly, psychotherapy is a well-established method of helping people with all sorts of psychological/emotional problems. There are a variety of psychotherapy models available, such as PICT, Lifespan Integration, and EMDR. I have completed Level Two Lifespan Integration (LI) Therapy training and am currently working towards Accreditation in this model. I am a fully qualified and licensed PICT (Parks Inner Child Therapy) practitioner. I have also taken Level One Accredited EMDR training. Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis have been in use for centuries and can be effective methods of helping all kinds of problems. More recently, cognitive therapy & positive psychology is also proving to be useful to help manage a wide range of problems. As a result of these trainings and study, I am in a good position to help many problems.

Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy & Cognitive Therapy can help with:

Adverse childhood events
Anger problems
Fears & Phobias
Low self-esteem
Weight Control
Anxiety & Panic
Lack of Confidence
Psycho-Sexual Problems
Low feelings
Drink/drug problems
And much more…

 What makes 1066 Therapy different from other practices / therapies you may have considered or tried?

I specialise in helping people with anxiety and/or stress problems, and the many other problems connected with underlying anxiety or stress. Problems such as weight control, confidence problems, self-esteem issues, drink problems, anger issues etc. Many people who ask me for help have experienced some form of emotionally overwhelming or adverse experiences in their life. These happen most often in childhood but also in adulthood. The specialist skills training I have undertaken to do this work puts me in a good position to also help people who may not have experienced many negative experiences, but who still have psychological and/or emotional problems that they would like to resolve.

I especially use Lifespan Integration Therapy to help people resolve their problems. I also offer Parks Inner Child Therapy or ‘PICT’ for short, EMDR, Cognitive Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. Thus, I use an integrated approach with my clients where I tailor the therapy approach(es) to fit them and their problems. Finally, please browse my website for more info on various problems / symptoms and the approaches I use to help.

 Lifespan Integration Therapy Client Testimonial

Kevin’s experience of ‘PICT’

Note: the “issues” Kevin mentions in the second half of the video are everyday issues, such as work problems etc. They are not on-going  emotional/psychological issues.

Wendy’s experience of ‘PICT’

Note: When Wendy says she has lost 2 stone easily, she means that she has achieved this without consciously following a calorie-controlled diet of any kind. She has done this naturally, alongside an exercise regime which she enjoys.

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