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Sports performance, sport psychology, golf, tennis, athletics, running, motor sports, hastings, battle, east sussex, eastbourne, rye, bexhill, heathfield, tonbridge, tunbridge wells,hailsham, crowborough, maidstone, ashford, kentAppropriate therapy can help you to improve your sports performance. Whether it’s golf, tennis, horse riding, football, athletics, running, motor sports or something else.

Most sports people put a great deal of effort into keeping physically fit, training, practising, and honing their physical skills. However, they often neglect their mind, cognitive processes, and psychology. All of these play an important role in their performance….or lack of!

The problems go beyond the sport

Sports performance and sport psychology actually involves far more than just working on the performance problems in sport. The psychological or cognitive problems arising during matches, competition, social play, and practise, are usually a reflection of problems which are already present in general life. Very often the sport problems are a magnification of the general problems!

Therapy can help us to identify and understand any negative psychological patterns and beliefs relating to ourselves and our sport performance. These are unhelpful and preventing us from achieving our potential in our chosen sport. They often stop us properly enjoying our sport too. Also, as I have mentioned already, these factors will be present in our ‘everyday life’ too. We often need a course of therapy to help us to resolve other concerns. For instance, general anxiety, fears, emotional problems, general confidence problems, low self-esteem, stress issues, and so on.

Once we understand more about our ‘core’ belief systems, and resulting unhelpful behaviours, we are in a position to make effective changes. We are better able to manage our performance issues. We can properly enjoy our sport. Psychotherapy helps us to work through the deeper issues aiming towards a permanent resolution of our problems.


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