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 Stop Smoking Easily using hypnosis, hypnotherapy and psychology at 1066 Therapy

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Stop smoking, give up cigarettes, quit nicotine, easily & quickly using hypnosis & hypnotherapy at 1066 Therapy covering East Sussex & Kent
I have helped many smokers to stop smoking easily at my therapy practice just outside of Battle, East Sussex.

If you are suited to the single session Stop Smoking Easily approach, this unique method includes both hypnosis/hypnotherapy and psychology/cognitive techniques. These effectively help you with your goal to stop smoking and become a non-smoker.

Other problems

Many people smoke alongside having other issues. For instance, difficulties coping with stress, and anxiety problems are the two most common. If this is you, it is very likely that you will need to go through a course of therapy to resolve the other problems. This will enable you to stop smoking much more easily. Also to stay a non-smoker. More importantly, this will enhance your life generally.

Other issues aside, a recent US study into 6,000 smokers who tried to quit the habit and the various methods that they used, (including willpower, advice from their doctor, nicotine gum, patches, and so on), discovered that all of these methods were pretty ineffective. However, the same study also discovered that the use of hypnosis is the most effective way to help smokers to stop smoking.

Provided that you are seriously motivated and committed to stop smoking, and you do not have any other issues, you can stop smoking easily and quickly. I have trained with Rob Kelly who is one of the most successful smoking cessation therapists in the UK. He has helped many smokers to stop smoking. His method, which I have trained in, has over a 90% success rate.

IMPORTANT – If you smoke cannabis/pot, please see note at the bottom of the page.

Stop smoking, give up cigarettes, quit nicotine, easily & quickly using hypnosis & hypnotherapy at 1066 Therapy covering East Sussex & KentThe session

The Rob Kelly Method™ uses a mixture of psychology, cognitive techniques, hypnosis and suggestion therapy. The session is in two parts. During the first and longest part we will: identify the exact reasons why you smoke; discuss the reasons why you’ve always found it difficult to stop in the past; the reasons why you still believe that it is difficult to stop now; identify real, tangible incentives to help you to quit; and much more.

In the second, much shorter part of the session, I will give you suggestions (under light hypnosis) that will further motivate and empower you to reach your goal of becoming a non-smoker, and staying a non-smoker.

If you are suited to the single, powerful session, it lasts about two hours and costs less than a month’s worth of cigarettes (for a 20-a-day habit).

Please note that payment for a smoking cessation session is in cash only at the end of the session – the current fee is just £250.00 which is cheaper than the average smoker’s pack-a-day habit over a month.

Smoking FAQs

Why do I have to pay in cash?
Because paying in cash is an added incentive to help you stop smoking.You will understand why this is by the end of the session.

Do you offer any guarantees or refund the fee if it doesn’t work for me?
Obviously I cannot offer any cast-iron guarantees that the session will work for you, no therapist can. I can guarantee that I will do my best to help you to stop smoking. But there is no ‘magic wand’. Success is reliant on the responsibility you are prepared to take for your smoking habit and the effort you are prepared to put in.

I can help you to achieve your goal of being a non-smoker but I cannot do it for you. I do not offer to refund fees for the small percentage (less than 10%) of people that this method will not work for as this, in itself, is a dis-incentive for you to make the necessary effort to stop your habit – I mean, why bother trying if you can get a refund anyway – make sense?

How effective is this method?
This method is highly effective (a recent year-long research by Rob Kelly shows over a 90% success rate) IF you are truly committed and motivated to stop smoking. However, nothing, not even hypnosis or applied psychology, can stop you smoking. Hypnosis is not magic – it is not a substitute for your own efforts.

You have to make an effort. You have to be proactive during the session and you have to make an effort afterwards too. I will do the best I can to help you to achieve your goal. I will show you how you can do the best that you can. Please bear in mind that some people (about 1 in 20) will still continue smoking no matter what.
Please read the What is Hypnosis and FAQs pages for further information.

What if I stop smoking and start again in the future?
This is not likely to happen as the session helps you to change your belief into that of being a non-smoker.If you started smoking again, I would initially discuss with you whether another session would be of benefit to you. In which case, a further fee would be payable.

Why is your ‘stop smoking easily’ fee much higher than for any of your other sessions?
The session takes on average about two hours and is one of the most complex sessions that I run. The fee is less than the cost of a month’s worth of cigarettes for an average 20 a day smoker. If you think that the fee is too high, you are probably not ready to make the necessary effort and commitment to quit.

Stop smoking, give up cigarettes, quit nicotine, easily & quickly using hypnosis & hypnotherapy at 1066 Therapy covering East Sussex & KentWill I need gum, patches, tapes or CDs to help me?
No, you will not need any ‘props’ to help you.

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Important – This session is NOT suitable for smokers who also smoke cannabis – it just won’t be effective. Cannabis is generally used as a ‘means of escape’, usually from uncomfortable feelings. Or as a ‘coping mechanism’ because we feel uncomfortable or unable to cope with life in some way. You will need a different approach to resolve your reasons for needing to smoke cannabis. If you smoke cannabis/pot and want to stop, we can discuss the best approach for you during a free 30 minute initial consultation.

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