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Weight loss, slimming, problems with food, eating disorders, binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, yo-yo dieting all helped with psychotherapy hypnosis & hypnotherapy in Battle, Hastings, Rye, East Sussex & Kent, UKTherapy can help all kinds of eating problems. Problems such as weight loss, slimming, yo-yo dieting, comfort eating, over-eating, or binge eating. Please click here for more information on comfort eating, over-eating, binging. Remember to come back to this page… ūüôā

I am regularly consulted for help with these problems. I have successfully helped many people with a variety of weight loss issues at my practice just outside of Battle, East Sussex.

If you have a problem such as anorexia or bulimia please click here.

Weight loss, slimming, problems with food, eating disorders, binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, yo-yo dieting all helped with psychotherapy, hypnosis & hypnotherapy in Battle, Hastings, Rye, East Sussex & Kent, UKPrevious dieting – ‘yo-yo’ dieting

Most people who ask me for help with weight loss have managed to achieve their ideal weight at some point (usually by dieting) in the past. They have often done this more than once. However, it’s only been a matter of time before they have ‘piled the pounds back on again’. This is commonly called yo-yo dieting. So, why do so many people do this time and again?

Anyone can lose weight by eating less and/or being more active but something more is needed for long-term changes. Diets don’t work – at least not permanently anyway. This is why there are so many different diets and slimming/dieting clubs around, and why the dieting industry is a ¬£billion concern and still growing. As Paul McKenna has said, diet and slimming clubs exist to make money, and to sell food and drink laced with chemicals (e.g. sweeteners).

Wendy’s experience at 1066 Therapy after consulting for weight loss

Note: When Wendy says she has lost 2 stone easily, she means that she has achieved this without consciously following a calorie-controlled diet of any kind. She has done this naturally, alongside an exercise regime which she enjoys.

Why doesn’t dieting work permanently?

So, why don’t diets/slimming clubs work in the long term? Here are a few reasons…

  • If we have underlying anxiety or confidence problems – as most of us do – we won’t like getting on the scales every week in front of others. Although this is more of a problem when we know we haven’t lost any weight that week. Worse – we’ve put some back on! it doesn’t matter how overweight the other people are. We may decide to stop going.
  • When we ‘starve’ our bodies on a low calorie diet, our metabolic rate drops. Our bodies start to conserve energy and retain/build up stores of fat. This is exactly what we don’t want.
  • We usually have to ‘deprive’ ourselves of our favourite foods. If we do this for long enough, we tend to ‘binge’ on these foods at some point. We tend to feel that we’re back to square one and we may lose heart and ‘chuck in’ the diet.
  • Finally, and most importantly, the slimming clubs/programmes don’t actually help us to sort out the real reasons – the real causes – why we feel compelled to eat more than our energy needs. Why don’t the dieting clubs and programmes do this? Well, if they helped us to resolve the real reasons why we are over-eating, they wouldn’t get any repeat business! Some diets/slimming clubs/ programmes may teach some useful behavioural changes but these don’t usually last.

The last point is the ‘key’ reason why diets and dieting never work to change problems with over-eating permanently.¬†

A different way of looking at it

I am aware that this probably contradicts everything we have been told (by the dieting industry!) about food and weight problems. I just ask everyone who consults me with a weight control/constant dieting problem just to consider this different way of looking at things. Also to ask themselves this……if food really is the problem and dieting does in fact work, in the long-term, why is it such a huge and growing ¬£billion business? Why do more ‘new’ and different diets keep being created? And why do people lose weight on a diet only to return to over-eating again afterwards? Etc etc….Surely by now someone somewhere would have got it right if it is ‘just’ about the food?!

Limitations of hypnotherapy

I have been in practise for over ten years. I have also seen many weight loss clients who have previously tried hypnotherapy for weight loss. Our combined experiences show that any changes or help gained from “weight loss hypnotherapy” will not last. In some cases, the client got no help at all from some very expensive sessions. Of course, they blamed themselves for the ‘failure’. However, the limitation is in the therapy approach, NOT in the person. Suggestion therapy (aka clinical hypnosis) can help, but only for the short term.The effects won’t last – if they did, I would use it! The effects don’t last because suggestion therapy doesn’t resolve the underlying causes of overeating.

Causes of overeating

The way I see it is this – helping people to lose weight is really only ‘half the battle’, probably less than that in fact. I help people to resolve the real causes of why they feel compelled to eat more than they need. We work through whatever the causes are. This results in a permanent resolution to their weight loss problem. Unfortunately, there is no ‘magic wand’, or ‘quick fix’ for resolving the compulsions.¬†

The compulsions can be quite powerful and can result in, for example,

  • making it more difficult for us to ‘engage’ our willpower on diets
  • we feel ‘out of control’ with our eating
  • guilty and shameful feelings when we can’t stick to a diet
  • making it more difficult to maintain the diet/lifestyle changes once we have achieved our ideal weight, and so on.

Often these compulsions are subconscious (i.e. operating outside of conscious awareness) which makes it more difficult in many ways. However, it is possible to resolve even subconscious compulsions using appropriate therapy. The causes of the compulsions are generally underlying, unresolved feelings from challenging past experiences. These are usually from early life and often long-forgotten by the time we develop eating and weight loss problems.

Therapy help

weight loss, dieting, slimming, overeating help at 1066 therapy, battle, east sussexSo, when someone genuinely wants to achieve an effective and lasting solution to their weight control problems, rather than have another ‘quick fix’, I help them to resolve the causes that compel them to eat more than they need. I will say that most people who come to see me with a weight problem are often unaware of having any underlying compulsions or unresolved feelings initially. They gain more awareness of this as we work through things together.

I offer different approaches for this (and every problem) and the choice of which one to take depends on the individual and their circumstances – the decision is usually made during the free 30 minute initial consultation. Please browse my site for information on the various therapies / approaches that I practise.

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