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Beaula Page DHyp, FIAEBP, MNCP Acc therapist east sussex practising psychotherapy, pict, lifespan integration,emdr, hypnosis & hypnotherapy, cognitive training in east sussex & kentHello, my name is Beaula Page and I am a private therapist East Sussex; I practise psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy. My practice is near Battle and I also offer Skype sessions in some circumstances.

My training and credentials

I have completed Level Two Lifespan Integration (LI) Therapy training and I am currently working towards Accreditation. Please click here to view my entry on the LI site.

I am a fully qualified and certified ‘PICT’ practitioner: PICT is short for Parks Inner Child Therapy. The PICT training is only available to experienced therapists. For more info on PICT please click here or click the PPF logo on this page.

I am an Accredited Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists.

In April 2015 at the 30th Annual Conference of the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapists the organisation awarded me a Fellowship. As part of my training here, I hold an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Hypnoanalysis and Psychotherapy. I gained this through the Hypnotherapy Control Board (HCB). The IAEBP (formerly known as the IAPH) was established in 1985. It is one of the largest independent organisations of therapists in the world. All members are bound by a strict Code of Practice and Ethics and carry comprehensive insurance. I am also fully DBS checked.

More training

I have also completed accredited Level One EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) training with EMDR Extra. EMDR is one of only two NICE approved methods of treating trauma.

I have studied the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD-UK)’s Foundation course on Understanding & Working with Dissociation through the Pottergate Centre.

I have also trained in Cognitive Therapy & Positive Psychology. The course I trained in was originally known as Changing Limiting Beliefs. It was later re-named The Thrive Programme®. I trained in these courses between the years of 2008 and 2014. However, I no longer hold the thrive consultant licence. I opted out of a new licencing agreement in February 2015.

As you can see, I offer several different therapy approaches to help people with their problems. I use an integrated approach with my clients where I tailor the therapy to fit them and their problems.

More information on the therapies

For more information on therapist East Sussex please click on the links:

The PICT (short for Parks Inner Child Therapy) process

Lifespan Integration Therapy


I also offer two different types of therapy using hypnosis/relaxation:

Suggestion Therapy, sometimes referred to as Clinical Hypnosis and

Hypnoanalysis, a specialised form of hypnotherapy, (broadly, a combination of light hypnosis and psychotherapy)

Suggestion Therapy has limited application but is effective for simple problems such as nail-biting, exam nerves etc.

Hypnoanalysis can help people to uncover the ‘root cause’ of their problems or symptoms. This helps them to properly resolve the unconscious causes of anxieties and anxiety-related problems. The causes are usually emotions, personal meanings and core beliefs connected to early challenging experiences. They have not properly processed or resolved these aspects.

As mentioned above, I also offer Cognitive Therapy. and Cognitive Processing & Integration (CPI).

My own experience of therapy

As part of my training with the IAEBP I went through my own course of Hypnoanalysis. I have experienced the PICT process, and also EMDR. Most recently, I have experienced Lifespan Integration therapy. This forms part of my training in the various therapy models I offer. I will share some of my experiences here in the hope that it will help people on their therapy ‘journey’…

When I started training with the therapy that I now specialise in (PICT), I had previously experienced several other types of therapy in my life before – including EFT, counselling, reiki, and suggestion therapy. Because none of these therapies had properly helped any of my emotional problems, I thought that PICT wouldn’t change anything much either – thankfully I was wrong.


The biggest surprise for me during my own therapy was that I had no conscious awareness of some of the experiences causing my problems. They did not form part of my ‘narrative’ or autobiographical memory pre-therapy. Studies show that around 40% of therapy clients have this experience. How does this happen? We call it ‘dissociation’ or dissociative amnesia. This is something we all do when we feel emotionally overwhelmed, especially when we’re young. We mentally dissociate from the experience and can then store event(s) outside of our awareness. We then tend to struggle to make sense of why we feel the way we do.

Many people have these sorts of dissociated experiences come back into their awareness before they start any sort of therapy. It is one of the reasons they seek therapy. It can be challenging for people to have such experiences return to their awareness, whether outside of or during therapy. However, once they have processed and resolved the emotions and the ‘core’ meanings/beliefs they are carrying (because of the experiences), the actual content of the experiences loses its impact, as it did for me.

Remembering adverse experiences

There are other people who do remember only too well that they have had adverse experiences early in their life before starting any therapy. However, remembering doesn’t help them. They still need to properly process and resolve the emotions/personal meanings attached to their experiences in order to be able to move forward in their life.

Because of the challenges I faced during my own therapy, I am in a very good place to understand and empathise when my own clients encounter similar difficulties. I give everyone the best possible help I can in order to help them achieve their goal of a successful resolution to their problems. Together we form a safe, trusting, confidential, non-judgemental, therapeutic partnership where I work with clients to help them through their therapy process. This is done in an environment of complete trust and confidentiality.

On-going training and education

I attend regular seminars and training courses, study webinars, and read clinical literature. This is to increase my knowledge and understanding of the problems people can have Also to broaden the range of therapy models I offer. The on-going training and invaluable professional support provided, within the organisations and by my personal supervisor, ensures that my skills are right up to date. Also that I am in a position to help all of my clients to have the best possible chance at achieving their goals of a better life.

Alongside PICT, Lifespan Integration, EMDR, Hypnoanalysis, Cognitive Therapy, Therapist East Sussex also offers:

For therapist East Sussex, please browse the site for more information on the therapies I practise. Or call me on 07722783490 or 01424 772392 to discuss your requirements and to arrange a free 30 minute initial consultation.

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