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Improving the symptoms of M.E., Chronic Fatigue, Depression, IBS, Insomnia, and other problems using Cognitive Therapy and Positive Psychology at 1066 Therapy

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People sometimes ask for help with Chronic Fatigue and similar problems, at my practice just outside of Battle, East Sussex. I sometimes use a course of Cognitive Therapy (also known as CBT) and Positive Psychology to help people to manage these problems better. However, other people may benefit more from another approach.

A significant number of problems will respond well to Psychotherapy or a course of Hypnoanalysis. Sometimes, for many different reasons, there are problems which generally do not respond so well. Also, there are situations when a particular problem may not need a complete course of therapy to help manage or overcome it. Some people or problems may require a combined approach. Finally, there are people who may not be ‘ready’ to go through a course of therapy but who would still like help with Chronic Fatigue or other problems. A course of Cognitive Therapy – CBT – will probably be the best option in these cases.

Beliefs work

I have trained in limiting belief systems and how to help people to change them, and the training included all related issues, such as unhelpful thinking patterns, locus of control, and positive psychology to name just a few. The course was originally known as Changing Limiting Beliefs and then was re-named The Thrive Programme®. I trained in these courses between the years of 2008 and 2014, although I currently do not hold the thrive consultant licence. I opted out of a new licencing arrangement in February 2015.

Video testimonials

Below are a couple of video testimonials which were supplied during the time I held a licence.

Lucy’s experience

Please note that I saw Lucy in 2011 while I was still a member of The Thrive Programme® licencing programme. I opted out of the licensing agreement in February 2015.

Cat’s experience

Please note that I saw Cat in 2012 while I was still a member of The Thrive Programme® licencing programme. I opted out of the licensing agreement in February 2015.

I use Cognitive Therapy to enable people to gain a thorough insight and awareness and understanding of how their cognitive – thinking – mind works. Once a person understands more about their belief systems, their thought patterns, and behaviours, they are often in a position to make effective changes.

This type of approach has already helped many people to, for example; improve insomnia and sleep problems; manage / improve IBS symptoms; improve the symptoms of illnesses such as ME, CFS and PVFS (see note below); enhance sports performance; and parts of the courses I trained in have helped thousands of people to stop smoking.

help for M E , chronic fatigue, cognitive therapy, battle east sussexCognitive Therapy and Positive Psychology can help many problems, such as…

  • CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Chronic pain
  • Cognitive problems
  • Insomnia/Sleep problems
  • IBS/Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Lack of motivation
  • ME (Myalgic Encepalomyelitis)
  • PVFS (post viral fatigue syndrome)
  • Terminal illness
  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling)


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* Important note if you are suffering from ME or CFS

It is a little known fact that Coeliac Disease and/or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is commonly misdiagnosed as ME, CFS and possibly PVFS because their symptoms are very similar to ME and CFS. Adopting a gluten-free diet, reducing stress, and taking any necessary supplements can help or even heal both conditions. Even if you cannot obtain a specific diagnosis of Coeliac Disease (as it is still not a ‘popular’ diagnosis amongst conventional doctors) it may well be worth you considering a gluten-free diet for several weeks to see if you experience any change in your symptoms.

Of course, if you feel that you are stressed, for whatever reason, then a course of therapy will teach you how to manage this more effectively, or indeed resolve the causes. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is an autoimmune problem diagnosed via thyroid antibody blood tests and other factors. It is also helped by a gluten free diet but consult with your GP for diagnosis. There is a strong link between iodine deficiency and a wide range of health problems, including CFS/ME.

Useful reading

‘The Iodine Crisis’ and ‘Iodine:Why You Need It’ are useful starting points to educate yourself. Always work with an iodine-literate doctor/practitioner before supplementing iodine.

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