Lifespan Integration Therapy

Lifespan Integration. A gentle body-based therapy to help resolve many different problems, including anxiety, fears, unwanted behaviours, PTSD, and so on at 1066 Therapy

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What is Lifespan Integration?

Firstly, Lifespan Integration (or LI) is a relatively new, cutting-edge, therapy technique. Based on the neuroscientific findings of recent decades, we use the ‘body-mind’ connection to resolve past difficulties. These difficulties cause the current problems of anxiety, fears, unwanted behaviours, PTSD, and so on. LI does this in a gentle yet rapid way. We have known for quite some time now that challenging, difficult or traumatic events can cause long-term after-effects. This is especially when the events happen early on in life. In order to resolve these after-effects we need to work with the original causes. The original causes can be adverse childhood events or adult trauma.

How does it work?

I have adapted the following description of the therapy from the Lifespan Integration website:

LI relies on the natural ability of the body-mind to heal itself. Lifespan Integration uses a psychological technique called an “affect bridge” to access a memory which is connected to the current problem. I guide the client to re-visit this past memory in their imagination. We then bring into the past whatever the client needs to resolve the memory. I will then lead the client through time to the present day. I do this by using a unique Timeline of memory cues from the client’s life. This Timeline of memories and images proves to the client’s body-mind system that time has passed and that life is different now. This “proof” occurs at a deeper level than is possible with commonly used cognitive behavioural, or other talk therapy methods.

lifespan integration at 1066 therapy for anxiety, fears, ptsd, unwanted behaviours in battle, hastings, eastbourne, tunbridge wells, bexhill, hailsham, east sussex, kentLifespan Integration is a gentle method which works on a deep neural level to change unhelpful behaviours, and (now) unnecessary defensive strategies. LI therapy helps people to connect their unpleasant feelings and unhelpful behaviour patterns with their memories of past events. These feelings, strategies, and behaviours come from these unresolved past events. Making these connections at a deep level of the body-mind “re-sets” the neural system in the brain. This makes it more in line with their current life situation. This “re-setting” happens very rapidly for most people.

After therapy

After LI therapy, people find themselves spontaneously reacting to current stressors in more age appropriate ways. As a result, clients have reported that they feel better about life. They are therefore more self-accepting, and are better able to enjoy their relationships.

Lifespan Integration can be used as a stand-alone therapy. Or used as part of an integrated therapy approach. We usually make the decision together during the initial consultation. I am currently working towards Accreditation in LI. Please click here to view my entry on the LI website.


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