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Low self-esteem problems helped, pychotherapy, cognitive therapy, Hypnosis & hypnotherapy for lack of confidence, low self-esteem, shyness, insecurity, in Battle, Hastings, Rye, Bexhill, Heathfield, East Sussex, Kent, UK
If people have low self-esteem, or a poor self-image, or shyness or insecurity, appropriate therapy can help.

I have successfully helped a variety of clients with these types of psychological and emotional problems at my practice just outside of Battle, East Sussex.

Low self-esteem problems are commonly linked to social anxiety or sociophobia and / or depression.

Low self-esteem

It is quite normal for people to feel a little anxious in a new social or work situation, say. However, if we have self-esteem problems generally, we will feel more than a little anxious in such situations. We also tend to have uncomfortable thoughts and feelings about ourselves even in ‘normal’, everyday situations. For example, we may assume others are thinking negatively about us. This is a symptom of social anxiety.

Self-esteem problems can hold us back in life. They can prevent us from trying many things which could enhance our life. For example – trying out new hobbies, going for promotion at work or asking for a well-deserved pay rise, going out on a date etc. Very often these problems are linked to a fear of failure, or a fear of being judged or criticised or rejected.

Low self-esteem tends to create feelings of insecurity. This tends to make it very difficult for us to trust in others (as well as ourselves). This can have a negative effect on close relationships. For instance, some people can get quite ‘clingy’ when they are feeling insecure, which is not really that ‘healthy’ or helpful. Feelings of insecurity can also fuel irrational jealousy which can be very destructive to a relationship. In turn, these problems can lead to controlling behaviours, especially within close relationships. This behaviour can also be very damaging.

Confidence problems and poor self-image

Low self-esteem is often linked to confidence problems and / or a poor self-image.

On the face of it, low self-esteem, confidence problems, and poor self-image sound like the same thing. However, although they can sometimes ‘overlap’, there are subtle differences between them:

  • Low self-esteem is when someone feels pretty worthless generally as an individual;
  • Confidence problems is when someone has little belief in their abilities. They feel like they will not succeed, so they may not even try;
  • Poor self-image is when someone believes that they are unattractive or ugly. Or they believe that they do not deserve to look attractive, so they can make efforts not to do so. They may leave their hair unwashed or un-cared for. Or they may not wash much generally. they may keep themselves too thin or fat etc

Therapy help

There are many ‘tools’ and approaches available to help people to control or manage these sorts of problems, including self-help CDs, NLP, CBT, EFT, suggestion therapy, and counselling to name a few, and some of these may be of some help, although often they may be only temporarily effective.

Ideally, if people want to sort out their self-esteem issues, and insecurity for good they will need to look at resolving the causes. The causes are generally underlying, unresolved feelings from challenging past experiences. These usually arise from early life and are often long-forgotten by the time a person develops self-esteem problems.

low self-esteem problems helped, pychotherapy, cognitive therapy, Hypnosis & hypnotherapy for lack of confidence, low self-esteem, shyness, insecurity, in Battle, Hastings, Rye, Bexhill, Heathfield, East Sussex, Kent, UKWe tend to store the causes subconsciously (i.e. outside of conscious awareness) which makes it more difficult in many ways if we have self-esteem problems. However, it is possible to resolve even subconscious causes using appropriate therapy.

I offer different approaches for this (and every problem). The choice of which one (or more) to take depends on the individual and their circumstances.  We usually make the decision together during the initial consultation.

Please browse my site for information on the various therapies / approaches that I practise.

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