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Hypno-Band Weight Loss System™, the Virtual Gastric Band, help for dieting & weight loss using hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy at 1066 Therapy

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Hypno-Band, virtual gastric band, weight loss, slimming, obese, obesity, dieting in Battle, Hastings, Rye, East Sussex & Kent, UKAre you very overweight or clinically obese and struggling to diet or lose weight? Perhaps you have developed health problems as a result. I can help with the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System™…

1066 Therapy offers the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System™, the Virtual Gastric Band procedure. This was designed as an aid to dieting and weight loss for the clinically obese and the very overweight, those who have a BMI of 30 or above.

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We carry out the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System procedure over six sessions. It is a special combination of suggestion therapy, visualisation and the ‘placebo effect’. We combine these together, and use the power of your own mind, specifically your subconscious mind, to ‘fit’ a virtual gastric band. The programme also includes important psychological/cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques and all of this will help you to eat less, and less often, which will help you to lose weight.

What happens during the sessions?

I will explain the Hypno-Band system in sessions one to three. We will also explore your reasons for over-eating. We will explore unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, (both general patterns and also specifically relating to food and eating), and work on correcting them. Importantly, we will undertake more detailed psychological and cognitive work in these sessions. I will provide a CD which you need to listen to at least four times a week before session three.

During session four, I will explain the virtual gastric band surgery in detail. I will prepare you for the next appointment which will be the virtual gastric band surgery procedure.

In session five, I will take you through the virtual gastric band surgery. I will provide another CD which you must listen to regularly as reinforcement to the procedure.

Finally, during session six you will receive further reinforcement combined with a procedure to adjust the Hypno-Band, either loosen or tighten, depending on your individual needs. It will also be advisable for you to continue to regularly listen to the second CD (provided after session four) for as long after the procedure as you feel the need to.

Important – The Hypno-Band sounds exciting – a way to lose weight without surgery or resolving your emotional reasons for over-eating. However, there are no real short cuts to long-term changes. And not everyone is suitable for the Hypno-Band procedure. Your suitability, or otherwise, will be discussed during a free 30 minute initial assessment. For example, you may be better suited (and better served in the long run!) to a course of psychotherapy. Or you may benefit from some Cognitive Therapy, or from Hypnoanalysis. You may need a combination of approaches. We will discuss all of this during the initial assessment meeting – free for the first 30 minutes.

Hypno-Band FAQs

How much does this cost?

The cost for the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System is just £500.00. This covers the six sessions and the required CDs.

Are there any side-effects to this procedure?

No, there are no side-effects as no actual surgery takes place. It is a completely safe procedure.

Do you offer any guarantees or refund the fee if it doesn’t work for me?

Obviously I cannot offer any guarantees that the Hypno-Band procedure will work for you. In the same way, no surgeon can guarantee that an actual, surgically fitted, gastric band will work. In fact, a surgeon will tell you that about 70% of the effectiveness of surgery relies on the efforts you put in. It’s just the same for this programme. I can guarantee that I will do my best to help you. I will take you through the various stages as laid out by the developers of the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System™. 

Finally, I will also include extra psychological and cognitive work in the first two sessions. This will further help you to make permanent changes. I do not offer to refund fees as this, in itself, is a dis-incentive for anyone. I mean, why bother trying to change your behaviour and habits if you can get a refund anyway!?

There is no ‘magic’!

There is no ‘magic wand’. Or any ‘silver bullets’. Or ‘switches’ in the mind. Any success in you losing weight depends largely on the responsibility YOU are prepared to take for losing your excess weight. Also on the effort you are prepared to put in. I can help you to achieve your goal of losing weight but I cannot do it for you.

How effective is this method?

It is proving to be effective with many people. They can lose significant amounts of weight in a reasonable time span. You will be able to achieve this yourself if you are truly committed and motivated to do so. However, nothing, including hypnosis, can make you lose weight. As mentioned, hypnosis is not magic – it is not a substitute for your own efforts. You have to make an effort. You have to be proactive during the sessions, especially the first two sessions. You have to make an effort afterwards and maintain the behaviour changes too. I will do the best I can to help you to achieve your goal. The system will provide you with all the tools you need to lose weight and to keep your body healthier but after that it is up to you.

Please read the What is Hypnosis and FAQs pages for further information.

What if I lose weight and put it on again in the future?

If you do this, you would really need to resolve the underlying causes of why you over-eat. You would need a course of psychotherapy to help you to do this.

How do I calculate my BMI?

There is a simple calculation. First, calculate your weight in pounds divided by your height in inches squared. Then multiply the answer by 703 to give you your BMI. Or you can use your weight in kilos divided by your height in metres squared: the result is your BMI.

Call me on either 01424 772392 or 07722783490 to book your free 30 minute Hypno-Band suitability assessment.


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