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Sexual problems, premature ejaculation, frigidity, vaginismus, low sex drive, impotence, anorgasmia all treated at 1066 Therapy in East Sussex & KentI am frequently consulted by both men and women with a variety of sexual problems and dysfunctions at my practice just outside of Battle, East Sussex.

All kinds of sexual problems and dysfunctions, including premature ejaculation, vaginismus, impotence/erection problems, sexual phobia, fear of intimacy and similar, can be helped effectively using some form of psychotherapy. I have significantly helped people with these problems using either psychotherapy, a form of hypnotherapy, or cognitive therapy.

Sexual problems can be one of the most difficult things to seek help for and to talk about. Because of this, many people ‘suffer in silence’ over a long period of time and can feel quite isolated with their problem. Despite our so-called liberated society there is a still a bit of a ‘taboo’ atmosphere surrounding problems of a sexual nature and/or they can be the subject of many a joke! However, these problems nevertheless exist; there’s nothing funny about it when someone has such a problem, and they are, in fact, surprisingly common in men and women of all ages.

Before attending any therapy for this type of problem, it is best to have a medical check to ensure there is no physical/organic reason for the problem. Assuming the medical check reveals no problems, it makes sense that the cause is most likely to be psychological or emotional in nature, making it a psycho-sexual problem (they are known as psycho-sexual problems in the absence of any organic/physiological reason for them).

Most, if not all, people who have a sexual problem or dysfunction also have other issues such as low confidence or low self-esteem; or perhaps some performance anxiety – all of these issues are signs of social anxiety. Or perhaps they feel down because of their sexual problem which only makes everything seem worse. And of course, everyone’s problems are worse when they are stressed. In some cases there will be a problem in the relationship which will be causing or contributing to the problem.

As most non-physical causes of sexual problems are usually deep-seated and long-standing, Suggestion Therapy (otherwise known as Clinical Hypnosis) will usually not be very effective over the long term. Whatever the problem is, it is almost always the case that other (underlying and/or connected) issues will need to be worked on and resolved in order to improve the sexual problem.

The following problems can all be successfully helped using the therapeutic approach which suits the individual:

Premature Ejaculation

This is an extremely common problem affecting many men and involves regular and persistent occurrences of ejaculating/coming too quickly, usually with very little sexual stimulation to bring it on, and it can occur during or even before actual intercourse.

Erection Problems

Commonly known as impotence or erectile dysfunction – you have a problem “getting it up” – difficulty getting or maintaining an erection and this is also a common problem.

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

This is when a man or woman has a low libido or low sex drive which results in them avoiding (or trying to avoid) anything and everything to do with sex or intimacy. These symptoms can also be associated with a fear of sex.


This is the involuntary contraction of the muscles surrounding the vagina making penetration and actual sexual intercourse very painful or impossible for some women.

Anorgasmia/Orgasmic Dysfunction

This is a common problem and it means that a woman is unable to achieve orgasm/can’t come even if the rest of sex is enjoyable. Quite often this means that the woman has never achieved an orgasm during foreplay or sexual intercourse. It is quite common for women to suffer from both vaginismus and anorgasmia together.

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Sexual problems, prematuture ejaculation, frigidity, vaginismus, low sex drive, impotence, anorgasmia all treated at 1066 Therapy in East Sussex & KentI offer different approaches for this (and every problem) and the choice of which one (or more) to take depends on the individual and their circumstances – the decision is usually made during the initial consultation.

Please browse my site for information on the various therapies / approaches that I practise.

I am consulted for all types of sexual problem and they are surprisingly common so you can rest assured that it’s not ‘just you’! All of your problems will be discussed with the strictest of confidence in a caring and professional manner.

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