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Helping Relationship Problems with Psychotherapy at 1066 Therapy

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Relationship problems helped at 1066 Therapy in East Sussex & Kent

I am frequently consulted by both men and women with a variety of relationship problems at my practice just outside of Battle, East Sussex.

All kinds of relationship problems, whether they are with our romantic partner, our friends, family, or work colleagues, can be helped using some form of therapy. I have helped many people with relationship problems using psychotherapy.

Most, if not all, of us who have some form of relationship difficulty also have other issues such as low confidence or low self-esteem; or perhaps some social anxiety. And of course, all of our problems are worse when we are stressed.

Research carried out since the 1950’s has shown that our earliest lessons about emotional intimacy and how to relate to other people occur in the relationships we have with our parents or carers in our very early years. These relationships are known as Attachment relationships. These lessons become a kind of blueprint or template for how we interact with our partners, friends, and other people in adulthood. If our Attachment relationships were ‘good enough’ (on an emotional level) then we tend not to have too many problems relating to others in our adult life. However, when there are too many mistakes, deficits or failures in these early relationships, we will often have problems later on in life in some or all of our relationships.

We now know that at least 90% of adult relationship problems are connected to problems in our early Attachment relationships. Fortunately, these problems can be worked on and resolved using appropriate therapy, often Lifespan Integration. Once our relationship blueprint has been changed, we can change the ways we relate to others.

For problems with a romantic partner, please note that I am not a formally trained Couples therapist. However, I am able to work with each partner individually – although usually not during the same time frame as each other – with perhaps having an occasional review session with both partners in attendance.

Although I will often use Lifespan Integration for these problems, I offer other therapy approaches too. The choice of which one (or more) to take depends on the individual and their circumstances. The decision is usually made during the initial consultation.

Please browse my site for information on the various therapies / approaches that I practise.

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