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Why is your website URL 1066 Hypnotherapy and not 1066 Therapy?

The website URL is based on the original name of my practice. I changed the name of the practice to reflect the ongoing training I have undertaken in different therapy models in order to be able to help my clients more effectively. However, i now have both URLs pointing to the same site.

Is there any hypnosis involved with the psychotherapy?

No, there is not.
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Is there any hypnosis involved with Cognitive Therapy?

No there is not: sometimes it may be beneficial to include a session or more of Cognitive Processing and Integration (CPI) – please see the CPI page for more information on this.
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Is there any hypnosis involved with EMDR?

No, there is no hypnosis involved. Please see the EMDR page for more information.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply an natural yet slightly altered state of awareness – a good description of hypnosis is “A state of relaxation and concentration at one with a state of heightened awareness induced by suggestion”.
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If I have hypnosis will I still be in control?

Yes you will: it is a complete myth, encouraged by stage shows, that people under hypnosis are out of control in any way. Hypnosis when used for therapeutic reasons is not used to apparently ‘make’ people do things they would not normally do – it is just light relaxation.
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Will I be aware of what is happening when hypnosis is used?

Yes, awareness and focus is usually heightened and enhanced during hypnosis.
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Can anyone be placed into a hypnotic state?

Yes, except for the mentally ill and those under the influence of drink or drugs.
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Can medical problems be helped?

Sometimes, but it is essential that you consult your GP with any problems that you feel may be medical before undertaking any form of therapy.
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Do I need to tell my doctor?

Only if you want to – although not all doctors have a thorough knowledge of psychotherapy or hypnotherapy, many do recommend it as a positive step forward.
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Will you inform anyone of my therapy?

I operate under a strict code of client confidentiality.
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Can you help children and young adults?

Yes, although it is most beneficial to work as a family. Please see the Children’s Problems page for further information.
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Can you guarantee to help me completely with my problem?
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There can never be any absolute guarantees when it comes to working with a person’s mind. Therapy is a collaborative process: I work to establish trust, and a good rapport and understanding of my clients and their problems, then we work together to move towards a resolution of those problems.

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