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Children's problems, anxiety, sadness, behaviour problems, phobias, bed-wetting all treated using hypnosis and hypnotherapy at 1066 Hypnotherapy
If your child or teenager needs help with any anxiety- related problem, psychotherapy,  hypnotherapy, and cognitive therapy can often help them. I have successfully helped many children’s problems at my practice just outside of Battle, East Sussex.

Just like adults, children of all ages can suffer from emotional or psychological problems from time to time. Growing up can be difficult at times with all the new and challenging experiences life can bring. All experiences, especially new ones, generate emotions and sometimes the child just can’t deal with the emotions involved. This can be due to several factors including the child’s age, or their lack of maturity, or even the intensity of the emotion they are feeling. When this happens, the emotions can remain unresolved, causing inner conflict, and this conflict can cause any number of physical or emotional problems.

These unresolved emotions can cause anxiety and / or stress, which has a knock-on effect of making existing conditions, such as asthma, eczema, unwanted habits, behavioural problems and similar, much worse.

Problems which may be helped include:

  • anger problems
  • anxiety and panic
  • asthma & eczema
  • bed-wetting (enuresis)
  • behavioural problems
  • birth difficulties/trauma
  • eating problems
  • exam/test nerves
  • fears & phobias
  • hair/eyelash pulling
  • nail biting/thumb sucking
  • school problems
  • stress-related problems
  • and more.

Lifespan Integration

One method of helping with children’s problems is by using Lifespan Integration: for info please click here. This therapy approach is very useful at helping a child or adolescent to resolve and heal the after-effects of parental divorce, the death of a parent/loved one, birth difficulties or trauma, a serious illness or accident, or any other adverse, negative, or traumatic events they may have experienced.

For younger children, the therapy is carried out with one or both parents/carers in attendance but attention is focused on the child. Children and adolescents usually respond very well to this therapy. This therapy is suitable for most children aged between 8 and 18 years of age although it may be possible to offer the therapy to children outside of this age range.

Children's problems, anxiety, sadness, behaviour problems, phobias, bed-wetting all treated using hypnosis and hypnotherapy at 1066 Hypnotherapy Lifespan Integration usually needs just one session to resolve a single negative experience or trauma but some children / teenagers may need more sessions depending on their history.

If the problem your young child or teenager is experiencing is not listed above please contact me to discuss the situation.

Younger Children (under 8 years) ~ The therapy approach for very young children may well be different and often involves working more with the parents/carers initially. Please call me for more information.

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied initially by a parent or guardian. As with all IAEBP members, I am fully DBS checked.

Please Note: Unless your child or teen has experienced a ‘one off’ significant, negative event (such as those noted above) it is extremely rare to have anxiety-related problems without there being existing or past problems within the family unit – perhaps a parent with a serious illness or their own emotional problems; or perhaps a parent with a drink (or other) problem; or redundancy and money worries; or some other stresses/upsets. It may therefore be the case that the best results will be obtained with either one or both parents receiving some form of therapy help themselves so that they are then in a really good place to help their child/teen one-on-one with their problems: the best way forward will be discussed and decided on during the first meeting.

Finally, I can recommend several books which parents can use to find help for children’s problems – all should be available via Amazon:

  • Stress Busting for Children by Rita Sparks
  • No Drama Discipline by Dr Dan Siegel
  • The Whole Brain Child by Dr Dan Siegel
  • Parent Effectiveness Training by Dr Thomas Gordon

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